THE STORY OF The Botanist

A cornerstone of local Kew life and steeped in history, The Botanist was once a butchers shop and later became a micro-brewery. Enduringly popular with local residents, workers and visitors to the capital, this friendly pub is one of the area’s most established watering holes.

Living up to its nature-loving name, The Botanist is within easy reach of Kew’s beautiful botanic gardens and an ideal spot for relaxation and refreshment after a scenic walk or special event.

Close to Richmond, Brentford and Isleworth, The Botanist is well-connected to the rest of London via bus links and nearby Kew Gardens station – very easy to get to, this inviting pub is perhaps a little harder to leave…

We provide the perfect back drop for any social gathering.  We have an excellent selection of buffet menus to suit all occasions. Please get in touch so that we can help you celebrate the perfect celebration.